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Articles from scholarly journals, also called peer-reviewed, academic, refereed, or professional journals, are often required or strongly recommended by faculty at the university level for use in writing research papers and projects. This is especially true for specialization and is essential in quality graduate work. Research articles written for scholarly journals are heavily reviewed and revised before being accepted for publication. Guidelines for contributors are usually listed somewhere in the publication. Articles are often anonymously reviewed by several other subject experts; this process is called “peer review” and such a periodical is considered a “refereed journal”.


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A new multi-ingredient recipe for the treatment of localized advanced periodontal disease.pdf1.7 Mb
Chronic non-specific ulcers in the oral cavity can resemble diabetic foot ulcers.pdf2.9 Mb
Dimensional changes in the supporting tissues following dental implants in the aesthetic zone.pdf1.77 Mb
Effectiveness of immediate placement and restoration of dental implants in the maxillary aesthetic zone.pdf1.88 Mb
Effectiveness of single dose acyclovir gel in the treatment of severe chronic periodontitis.pdf101.65 Kb
Fibrous epulis misdiagnosed for combined periodontic-endodontic lesion.pdf1.33 Mb
Gingival enlargement induced by felodipine resolves with a periodontal treatment.pdf2.12 Mb
Hydrogen Peroxide Tooth Whitening Agent Alters the Protein Content of Enamel.pdf579.59 Kb
Hydrogen Peroxide Tooth Whitening Agent Effect on Nanomechanical Properties of Enamel.pdf561.57 Kb
Immediate Implant Placement & Restoration.pdf1.18 Mb
Immediate placement and restoration of dental implants in the esthetic region.pdf808.46 Kb
Systematic review of soft tissue alterations and esthetic outcomes.pdf506.18 Kb
Treatment of Localized Advanced Periodontal Disease Case Report.pdf2.49 Mb