Internet & Kids

3 tips on how parents help their kids to use the internet effectively

Simply put, our children use the internet almost daily whether we want them or not. Parents as well as teachers, over a decade, go, tried to put restriction to the internet access thinking that their kids would do good without it. There’s no denying the availability of the internet has become too widespread that the little ones are improving their knowledge and become tech-savvy than before.

Below is a list of five useful tips for parents on how to make their kids use the internet positively.

1. Internet Usage Rules

Make sure any personal information should be shared on the internet. Give a brief explanation to your kids that people use this medium for causing harm to others by stalking them and ruining their lives. Even though it becomes necessary to share information, ensure your kids do so when you’re with them.

2. Hide the Basics

Don’t you think to restrict all access to the internet until kids attain 8 or 9 years of age is a good thing to do? This is because this age is deemed to be a perfect age for making your kids access the internet. Always introduce the internet to your kids by yourself rather than they learn about it through a stranger. Considering this, your kid will always approach you in case he/she runs into problems.

3. Monitor and Mentor

No doubt trust plays a crucial role in every relationship, and you must not forget about monitoring and mentoring online interactions. It’ll be good if you can log in to their social media accounts and observe what they are or have been up to. If you come across unwanted stuff you kid has been accessing, get the matter escalated to authorities.

So, these are some tips you must consider for helping your kids make good of the internet. Keeping an eye on what sites your kid browse is very important.